Moo Goo

I have been meaning to do a ‘newborn must haves’ blog post which I will be including these products in however they are so beautiful I felt they deserved a post of their own! We were very kindly gifted three different MooGoo products with absolutely no obligation to share but I wanted to as I […]

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Olverum Bath Oil

I have recently been sent the most beautiful product which up until now, I did not know existed – Olverum bath oil. Olverum is made with natural essential oils, it contains eucalyptus, pine, lavender and lemon oils to help relax the mind and body whilst relieve muscle tension. Unfortunately my midwife wasn’t sure if essential […]

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Mini Hornit Lids

Mini Hornit lids are the coolest bike helmets on the market, by miles! The selection of lids goes from calm, cool and collected (Stealth) to bold, loud and out there (Head Candy). I have saved our ‘unboxing’ video over on my Instagram page @lifewiththematthews3 if you have already seen it you will know how pleased […]

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Chocolate Heaven Bundt Cake

I am officially a bundt cake convert after being gifted a tin from ProCook. I was a bit dubious about using my usual chocolate cake recipe which would normally be split between two tins, but it turned out really well! A good quality cake tin has a direct effect on the quality of your bake. […]

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Explore Cuisine

Firstly, let me start off my telling you that I am not a coeliac, I am a carb loving pasta guzzler. When Explore Cuisine contacted me I had never tried any type of gluten free alternative foods. I am a gluten lover – all about the gluten, so I was a little dubious about trying […]

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Garden of Life

Firstly, apologies this blog post is almost a month late! Life has kind of taken over this past few weeks, between Neill getting hit by a car and our daughter turning two I have been super busy. Anyway, I wanted to pop this post on to share my experience of the Garden of a life […]

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Yazoo No Added Sugar

The lovely Helena at Yazoo contacted me via email to ask if I would try their new no added sugar drinks and as my husband is quite the Yazoo connoisseur, I thought I would oblige. I had not yet allowed Ruby to try Yazoo as I try to keep sugar in her diet to a […]

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