Explore Cuisine

Firstly, let me start off my telling you that I am not a coeliac, I am a carb loving pasta guzzler. When Explore Cuisine contacted me I had never tried any type of gluten free alternative foods. I am a gluten lover – all about the gluten, so I was a little dubious about trying […]

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Garden of Life

Firstly, apologies this blog post is almost a month late! Life has kind of taken over this past few weeks, between Neill getting hit by a car and our daughter turning two I have been super busy. Anyway, I wanted to pop this post on to share my experience of the Garden of a life […]

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Polka Dot Caramel Squares

No explanation required other than…. Shortbread Ingredients 170g plain flour 60g caster sugar 120g butter Caramel Ingredients 1 tin condensed milk 2 tablespoons golden syrup 60g caster sugar 120g butter Chocolate Topping 300g milk chocolate, melted One packet milky bar buttons Method Preheat oven to 170c Line a brownie tin with grease proof paper For […]

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Perfect Pizza Dough & Sauce

I have been making this pizza dough for a number of years now, it has taken a few tweaks here and there before reaching ‘perfection’ but it was well worth the effort!! This recipe makes six pizzas and freezes really well for up to three months. Your Saturday night takeaway pizza will be a thing […]

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Yazoo No Added Sugar

The lovely Helena at Yazoo contacted me via email to ask if I would try their new no added sugar drinks and as my husband is quite the Yazoo connoisseur, I thought I would oblige. I had not yet allowed Ruby to try Yazoo as I try to keep sugar in her diet to a […]

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