Peanut butter lactation shake

This milkshake is DELICIOUS!! Fab for milk production or just as a healthy treat if you’re not breastfeeding! Ingredients 250ml oat milk 1 banana 1/2 tsp brewers yeast 1 tbsp flaxseed 1 tbsp smooth peanut butter Blitz in a blender for 2 minutes until completely smooth and enjoy!

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Hidden roasted veg pasta sauce

This sauce and others like it is literally the only way I can get vegetables into my almost threenager! We are still in the ridiculously fussy toddler stage, most foods are refused unless they are beige. I constantly worry about Ruby’s diet. If it wasn’t for healthy pasta sauce she would probably be malnourished (ha!). […]

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Lean, mean chicken nuggets

Super simple to make and much healthier for little people than processed chicken nuggets. Breadcrumbs freeze really well, I have portioned the leftovers and will use them up before making another batch. Simply take the breadcrumbs out the day before they are needed and allow to defrost before use. Ingredients ASDA extra special olive bloomer […]

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Hidden Veg Pasta Sauce

After receiving lots of Instagram DM’s I thought it would be easier to share this recipe for those who are interested in a quick blog post. It’s a handy little sauce to bulk cook, portion up and freeze. Shopping List 1 x fresh courgette 1 x cup frozen mixed peppers 1 x cup frozen spinach […]

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Golden Syrup Muffins

‘Wee buns’ This recipe can be thrown together in less than ten minutes making it the perfect easy midweek bake. Ingredients 4 free range eggs 225g caster sugar 225g self raising flour 225g stork 4 tbsp Lyle’s golden syrup Method Pre heat oven to 180 degrees. Blend eggs and caster sugar together until pale in […]

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Mrs Ruddell’s Scotch Pancakes

This is a very special recipe, given to me by a friend and work colleague. The recipe was written by her mother who sadly isn’t with us anymore. I cannot tell you how good these are, they really are the perfect pancake!! The best part is that they require half a pint of buttermilk and […]

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