To be crystal clear, I was gifted the Elvie pump to review. This is not a paid review.

If I am 100% honest, when Elvie first launched I thought the only people who were singing its praises had been paid to do so – its a breast pump, how miraculous could it be; right?!


I hadn’t much experience of pumping other than using a silicone pump whilst feeding so I began using my medela swing in order to give a fair comparison between a ‘regular’ pump and Elvie.

I had no idea how little you can actually do whilst pumping, even with an electric pump – for a mum of two very young children I can’t imagine having time to sit down for many pumping sessions. Perhaps if I only had the one child I may enjoy the excuse to sit down and pump but being able to get on with fetching snacks, emptying the dishwasher, changing nappies etc etc all while collecting milk kind of blows my mind.

There’s no denying the fact that Elvie is a luxury item, I do realise the price is quite steep. I sort of look at it as the Bentley of breast pumps, you could manage with a mid range electric or even manual pump, however who doesn’t want to live the Bentley life if they can afford it? For me personally it has been worth the price as I have gone from being that lazy person who couldn’t be bothered pumping for my bottle refuser to the queen of pumping. When Charlotte was smaller I was able to collect a small amount with silicone pumps whilst feeding to be persistent with bottle trials, however as she has grown this has become more and more difficult. Charlotte is a nosey feeder so having a big silicone pump at arms reach is too much of a temptation. Anyone who tells you not to cry over spilt milk has never breastfed.

Elvie pump is controlled via a smartphone app (how very high tech, eh?!). In the app, you select which breast you are pumping which is saved for the next use, an excellent function for those exclusively pumping. You are able to run the pump through it’s preset cycle or choose the stimulation/letdown mode. Intensity of pumping is also controlled through the app which overall I do find user friendly.

So you’re probably wondering about the negatives. I find the collection bottles a bit awkward to wash, I haven’t found a bottle brush to fit. After a few uses of any bottle containing breast milk it tends to become a little cloudy and greasy – the way around this is to use boiling water and white vinegar, it cleans the bottle up like new. The only other negative comment I have to make would be that the app at times doesn’t accurately tell you how much milk you have collected.

So, would I recommend Elvie? The short answer is YES, absolutely! However I would say if you don’t plan on feeding for long or if you don’t plan on regularly pumping it probably isn’t worth the expense.

To purchase your Elvie single or double breast pump, visit https://www.elvie.com/shop/elvie-pump

Lucy xx

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