Fat Lucy Slim Week One

I thought I would document my struggles in the hope that I will actually be successful on my 471047 attempt at weight loss and perhaps be proud of myself looking back at this post in the future. I think the difference in my mindset this time is potentially going to be the key to my success; this is not a ‘diet’, this is me taking control and changing my lifestyle. I’m thinking long term and not about what the scales will say from one week to the next.

Since Charlotte was born I haven’t stopped eating, I have used breastfeeding as an excuse (yes it is a valid excuse, we do need extra calories) BUT I was literally taking the biscuit. I’m ashamed to say I was having pancakes with half a pound of butter (slight exaggeration) followed by chocolate EVERY morning for breakfast. Between caffeine and chocolate my body has been treated with zero respect. I haven’t given up my caffeine (yet) however it’s five days since my last ‘fat coke’. I’m aware I sound like an addict, because that’s exactly what I am! Unfortunately I have replaced my fat coke with coffee but baby steps, this is early days.

Last night I had two glasses of red wine and half of a (large) Sainsbury’s deli counter pizza – if you know you know *drool* with a side of fries because if I didn’t have that treat to look forward to in the week I would throw the towel in. Deprivation does not work for me, cold turkey is not the answer – I am not strong enough, my willpower is non existent. Tonight’s menu isn’t much better, lasagne and baby potatoes, I may have a glass of red with that but it’s ok – tomorrow I will be back to lower calorie food. I’m trying to look at the bigger picture and at the moment I feel small changes are better than no changes at all.

Current weight loss – unknown

Lucy x

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