Weaning Round Two

It seems like five minutes ago I was writing a blog post about Ruby’s weaning journey. I can’t believe we are at this stage with Charlotte, surely she was only born a few weeks ago?! I really looked forward to weaning Ruby, she was on prescription formula for a few months before we started weaning and it was the most foul smelling milk I have ever came across. Fast forward three years and here I am again only this time Lottie is exclusively breastfed and I have struggled with the concept of introducing food. Perhaps it’s because Lottie is our last baby but I felt really down for a number of days before getting my head around the fact that I am no longer Lottie’s only source of nutrition. I will be her main source of nutrition for the foreseeable however there’s something wonderful about your baby being fully dependent on you, their safe place.

We began weaning by introducing Aptamil porridge once a day, initially I made this up with expressed breast milk but I have moved on to cows milk now I have come to terms with food being a part of Lottie’s life. Lottie took to porridge straight away, she didn’t push it out of her mouth so I knew she was ready even if her mummy wasn’t.

Week two I made some vegetable purées to introduce new flavours. Parsnip and pear purée was and still is Lottie’s favourite, closely followed by broccoli and cauliflower. To make Lottie’s purées I steam the veg, allow to fully cool then blitz in my Nutribullet. I bought a Tommee Tippee baby food blender and honestly it was the biggest waste of money, I don’t rate it at all – a food processor or regular blender will do a much better job. During week two we did boob, breakfast, boob, vegetable purée for dinner and boob for bed. I introduced cucumber sticks during week two, these were a MASSIVE hit!! Perfect size for little baby hands and they double up as a teething aid cooling and soothing sore gums.

Ruby took to both baby led and purées like a duck to water, thankfully Charlotte has been exactly the same (so far!). As each week goes by Charlotte seems to want more food and hasn’t really cut down on breastfeeding as much as I expected her to, I know things can change quickly in this parenting game but for now I’m delighted with how our weaning journey is going so far. Our next step is to introduce some meat to Lottie’s diet.

Our favourite finger foods so far have been; toast, strawberries (in a Nuby Nibbler – FAB by the way), melon, brioche (don’t call the mum police), Kiddylicious wafers, broccoli, pasta and empty ice cream cones – these are low in sugar and a great distraction when you’re trying to cook dinner!

Another amazing product which we were very kindly gifted is the Doidy bowl, oh my gosh it is a GAME CHANGER!! I have previously mentioned the doidy cup which we have used since Lottie was a tiny bottle refusing baby.

The Doidy bowl is the only bowl I personally have found to actually do its job and stick to our high chair. Lottie is unable to lift it and chuck it on the floor so reduces the amount of food wasted massively. If you are baby led weaning I can not recommend this product highly enough.

I’m not sure if it’s normal to feel more anxious about finger foods with a second baby but I definitely have felt much more on edge watching Lottie eating than I did with Ruby. I think in comparison to her sister, Lots is so much smaller. We will probably call her “baby Charlotte” even when she’s an adult. It has taken me a good two months to start to relax at meal times and begin to enjoy watching Lottie try new textures and foods.

I do plan on sharing our favourite recipes in the not too distant future so keep your eyes peeled guys!!

Lucy xx

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