Our morning routine

Today’s Mother Hen blog prompt is ‘your morning routine’.

Our morning routine has changed significantly in the last three months since the arrival of baby Lottie.

Neill gets up for work at 3am (I don’t know how he does it), every single morning without fail I will wake to say “don’t forget your sandwiches” simply because the one time I didn’t say it he FORGOT HIS SANDWICHES haha. Thankfully most mornings I am able to get back over to sleep. Lottie wakens for a feed anytime between 5:30-6:45 (we are very lucky she sleeps from 11pm until then). Lottie feeds for around 30 minutes, she goes straight back down and sleeps for another 3.5-4 hours.

Ruby has got into a great routine with her gro clock (it took time!) she will stay asleep (or quiet) in her room until 7am (most mornings) when she shouts “mummy the sun is out on my clock get me out”. She makes it sound like she’s in prison but if she really wanted to she could open her door. I am then instructed to “carry my wawa” (blanket) downstairs, put the Disney channel on and “make me breakfast”. Demanding little people are three year olds!! Ruby gets toast and cereal (dry.. odd child). She will sit and eat her breakfast while I go upstairs to Lottie and have my morning coffee. When Ruby has finished her breakfast she will come up to our room and we will have cuddles until Lottie wakens for her next feed. We then head downstairs to begin our day.

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