Moo Goo

I have been meaning to do a ‘newborn must haves’ blog post which I will be including these products in however they are so beautiful I felt they deserved a post of their own!

We were very kindly gifted three different MooGoo products with absolutely no obligation to share but I wanted to as I personally had never heard of the brand and I’m now a complete convert!

The packaging our products arrived in was lovely, before I even opened the box I could smell the vanilla – the smell was like a really creamy ice cream on a summers day. I wish I could insert a little scent sample here because I was blown away by the aroma!

Each product we have been sent had Lottie in mind, however if you check out MooGoo’s website they keep a wide range of natural skin care products from make up (Dusty Girls) to anti ageing creams.

The wonderful thing about this family company is they are eco friendly, vegan and 100% natural.

I had mentioned Lottie’s cradle cap to MooGoo so they very kindly included a scalp cream to our goodie pack. After using this cream ONCE I noticed a significant difference to Lottie’s scalp. I have been treating it with various moisturisers (mainly Child’s Farm) but it wasn’t budging. Neill also suffers from scalp issues periodically, I can’t wait to see if it helps him next time he has a flare up. The cream can be used on any problem areas including around the eyes.

We were also sent a nappy balm which comes in packaging that looks like a milk carton – I am a sucker for stuff like this! Again, the smell is absolutely beautiful. We haven’t had nappy rash while using this product so I can’t comment on how it clears it up however I’m pretty sure the reason we haven’t had nappy rash is because I have been applying the balm at every nappy change.

Last but not least we have been using MooGoo’s ‘mini moo’s bubbly wash’. OH MY GOSH THE SMELL!! I know I sound like a broken record but honestly it makes me want to eat my baby. She smells like a dream and her skin is so incredibly soft after bathing in it.

If your baby has sensitive skin or just loves a bit of pampering I would highly recommend these beautiful products. I will be placing an order very soon to try out more of their range for my postpartum problem skin.

Lucy x

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