Ten interesting facts about me

Thank you to the lovely Mother Hen herself, Kathryn Hendry for today’s blog post prompt.

I’m afraid I’m starting this off doubting ten interesting facts exist about me but sure I’ll give it a go!


I have been with my now husband for 15 years. We started dating when I was 14 so I have been with him for longer in life than I haven’t.


One of my feet is a size 5 and the other is a size 3. Yup, I am one of life’s weirdos.


I’m a secret eater. I think if no one can see me eating something it doesn’t count (it does).


If I had to choose one food and one food only to eat for the rest of my life it would be Cadbury’s Dairy Milk.


I recently reversed into a car and since then I have developed a massive fear of parking near other cars. I’d rather walk a mile than parallel park after that.


I have to have a cup of coffee in the morning with my breakfast and a cup of tea immediately after I’ve finished.


When I was at Portadown College I picked history for one of my GCSE’s but I only managed one lesson, the teacher scared the crap out of me so I asked to change subjects. The only thing that fitted in with my time table was ICT, I ended up coming 11th in NI in the exam (still proud of this despite the fact that I’m now a complete technophobe). This shows everything happens for a reason.


Loud eaters and sniffing drive me CRAZY


I hate stickers. Especially when they have been stuck to something and come off. Literally makes me want to vom.


I have a phobia of flying. To get on a plane I require diazepam and (not or) gin. No the two should not be mixed and yes it’s a horrible feeling but I need to be completely sedated. Neill dreads flights with me, every single time he says “I’m never flying with you ever again”. Needless to say we aren’t going anywhere this year, I don’t think Neill fancies looking after a toddler, a baby and a giant oversized baby..

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