Lean, mean chicken nuggets

Super simple to make and much healthier for little people than processed chicken nuggets. Breadcrumbs freeze really well, I have portioned the leftovers and will use them up before making another batch. Simply take the breadcrumbs out the day before they are needed and allow to defrost before use.


ASDA extra special olive bloomer

4 tablespoons smoked paprika

4 tablespoons Italian mixed herbs

Cracked black pepper

1 chicken breast (or whatever amount you wish to make)

1 large free range egg


Pre heat oven to 180c (fan assisted)

In a food processor, add the bloomer (chopped) and blitz until crumbed. Add all seasoning and blitz for a further 10 seconds.

Chop chicken breast into nugget sized chunks

Whisk egg in a bowl for dipping, in a separate bowl add breadcrumbs

Dip chunks individually into the egg then cover in breadcrumbs

Place nuggets onto a lines baking tray

Bake for 40 minutes or until golden brown

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