BRIO Classic Figure 8 Set

Miss Ruby and I have been asked to review this fab BRIO figure 8 train set, I knew it would be a hit because she’s forever stealing her uncles old Trains and shows a keen interest in all things locomotive.

BRIO have been making toys since 1884 and they definitely seem to have cracked it! We were very impressed with the build quality, the entire set is made from traceable wood from responsibly managed forests. With a simple yet effective design this train set allows little people to use their imaginations which is magical to watch from a parents perspective. We have always been a huge fan of wooden toys in our house, they are a refreshing change from the brightly coloured plastic tat which seems to dominate the market.

BRIO figure 8 set is suitable for 2 years + which I think is spot on as it’s simple design allows toddlers to get involved with the track construction. All parts including the cute little station and trees are the perfect size for little hands. Trains are joined together by magnets, Ruby now has another string to her bow as she has learned how magnets work. It’s amazing how the simple toys can be the most educational.

Another great feature is the set will connect to any of the other BRIO tracks meaning that we will be able to build to our collection. Unlike 99% of children’s toys, BRIO trains will be played with for years to come making them great value for money. I will definitely be purchasing further BRIO toys for Ruby and Lottie and will be happy to recommend this track and others alike to friends, their robust design makes them future proof.

To purchase your BRIO figure 8 set priced £39.99, visit
Product gifted for review

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