Olverum Bath Oil

I have recently been sent the most beautiful product which up until now, I did not know existed – Olverum bath oil. Olverum is made with natural essential oils, it contains eucalyptus, pine, lavender and lemon oils to help relax the mind and body whilst relieve muscle tension.

Unfortunately my midwife wasn’t sure if essential oils were suitable during pregnancy so my Olverum guinea pigs have been my two year old daughter and husband. I have however been able to enjoy the house smelling like a spa and have reaped the benefits of a relaxed toddler at bedtime.

Whilst Olverum isn’t the cheapest product on the market, (£29.00 for 125ml) a very small amount is recommended per bath – 5ml which works out at just over £1 per bath which in my book is excellent value for money.

I have found the nights Ruby has had an Olverum bath she tends to be more relaxed and accepting of bedtime, her skin has been super soft since using this product. We are very fortunate in that Ruby doesn’t have sensitive skin but I have read that Olverum is excellent for children and adults suffering from dry and sensitive skin conditions. My husband, Neill is an articulated lorry driver which at times results in tired and painful muscles. I’m sure Neill won’t mind me sharing that he is partial to a bath, more so than myself actually. Up until now Neill has used Radox bath salts for muscle pain, he has told me that the two products are poles apart with Olverum being the clear leader. I am well aware that Radox is priced at around £2 per box, however with a husband who uses an entire box per bath Olverum actually works out cheaper for us!

All in all Olverum is a wonderful luxury product which I will definitely be purchasing again for gifts and also for myself after baby is born, I believe the essential oils will aid the healing process.


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