Mini Hornit Lids

Mini Hornit lids are the coolest bike helmets on the market, by miles! The selection of lids goes from calm, cool and collected (Stealth) to bold, loud and out there (Head Candy).

I have saved our ‘unboxing’ video over on my Instagram page @lifewiththematthews3 if you have already seen it you will know how pleased Ruby was to receive her ‘lid’, she literally squealed with excitement, there was a lot of “WOWS” “AHS” and “OHHH HATS”. I should really have taken photographs before, during and after unboxing but we were both way too excited about our ‘happy post’.

The lid we chose for Ruby was ‘Polkas’, it took me a good hour to decide on a design – every single lid is really impressive. We went for the small lid which is 48-53cm, there is also a medium option which is 53-58cm. Our lid will definitely last Ruby a good few years due to having fully adjustable straps and a head adjuster at the back of the helmet.

Ruby is two years old with a pretty average sized head, at the moment she is wearing her lid on the smallest setting and it fits perfectly. Unfortunately Ruby loves her lid but has decided she hates her bike, she still insists on wearing her lid to the park – people have passed comment on her fancy helmet and I have had to explain she is obsessed with wearing it but refuses the bicycle. I’m pretty sure the odd person has thought we are a little bit crazy but hey ho, that’s head strong toddlers for you. At least we know if she does take a tumble her head will be well protected!

On the back of each lid there is a an LED light which will be fantastic during the autumn and into the winter when the darker nights creep in again. For those with older kids, the light is a super safety feature. This clever little feature lasts for ten hours when on constantly or twenty hours if used in the flashing mode so you don’t have to worry about the battery running out whilst your littles are out and about on their bicycles. Two AG3 cell batteries is all the LED light requires.

Another great feature of Mini Hornit lids is their light weight, this makes the helmet super comfortable for little heads. I remember as a child feeling weighed down by heavy 90s designed helmets, it was a nightmare during hot summer days and even put me off cycling at times. You most definitely will not have this problem with Mini Hornit lids.

The price point of Mini Hornit lids is spot on in my opinion, you really can’t put a price on your child’s safety but at only £29.99 with fast and free delivery these helmets are well worth the money. They also have some fab cycling accessories on their website starting from as little as £1.99! If you would like to purchase one of these trendy lids (I’m well aware that this adjective is no longer trendy) you can find the full range over at

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