Explore Cuisine

Firstly, let me start off my telling you that I am not a coeliac, I am a carb loving pasta guzzler. When Explore Cuisine contacted me I had never tried any type of gluten free alternative foods. I am a gluten lover – all about the gluten, so I was a little dubious about trying their pasta products.

Initial thoughts on the products were very good, the packaging is well designed and they aren’t overly bulky so fit nicely into my larder cupboard. This may sound rather trivial, but for me it’s important. The first product we tried was the green lentil penne. I have to be honest and say I did not like it, even covered in a pasta sauce it wasn’t ‘floating my boat’, however – the fussiest child this side of the Bann river absolutely LOVED it, she couldn’t get enough of it! I’m currently struggling massively with Ruby’s fussy eating habits so I was over the moon to see her eating a pasta which is high in protein and fibre! Photographic evident below, seeing is believing with our blade.

The second product I tried was organic edamame and mung bean fettuccine – everything about this was screaming you aren’t going to like me; I had never tried a mung bean but the name was enough to make me doubt it would be the right type of flavoursome. This little dark grey pasta surprised me, it is delicious! I served it with a creamy vegetable sauce and garlic bread (of the non gluten free variety). Unfortunately Ruby was asleep for this meal so I’m not sure if she gave it the thumbs up, but my pasta snob husband cleared his plate which is always a good sign! The third product we tried was the chickpea fusilli, again it was a hit with Miss Ruby and I. I cooked the fusilli al dente then returned to the pan with Bolognese sauce and cooked over a low heat for a further 5 minutes, this allowed the pasta to soak up all of the flavour from the sauce, delicious! Lastly, we tried the lentil spaghetti – I clearly don’t like lentils as this pasta wasn’t for me, however everyone else in the house enjoyed it.

I will most definitely be buying the chickpea fusilli again, it’s difficult to find something high in protein and fibre which everyone in our house will enjoy so I’m thrilled to have found this fab pasta! If you would like to try Explore Cuisine products, they can be purchased in Holland & Barrett or Sainsbury’s.

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