Yazoo No Added Sugar

The lovely Helena at Yazoo contacted me via email to ask if I would try their new no added sugar drinks and as my husband is quite the Yazoo connoisseur, I thought I would oblige. I had not yet allowed Ruby to try Yazoo as I try to keep sugar in her diet to a minimum. I tend to be rather strict about Ruby’s snacks and drinks as I know in the future it will be a tougher battle to steer her towards healthier options.

The new Yazoo No Added Sugar contains no more sugar than a glass of semi skimmed milk, which makes it a winner with this fussy mama! It has only 96 calories per 200ml bottle, the strawberry and banana are even lower in calories coming in at only 92 per bottle. Not only is this chocolatey drink of dreams low in sugar; it also contains no sweeteners, colours or artificial flavours. It’s also suitable for vegetarians. Yazoo No Added Sugar would be a great addition to any lunchbox, it has been ‘school approved’, I have heard lunchbox packing can be a bit of a minefield these days! As it’s UHT, there’s no panic with it being out of the fridge, it is best served chilled but it won’t ‘go off’. Once opened, it must be stored in a refrigerator like all UHT milk products.

Ruby has been on a milk strike for moths now, I worry about her calcium intake as the only dairy she will take for us comes in the form of petit filous and at almost 5g of sugar per tiny pot I limit her to one a day. Yazoo No Added Sugar is high in calcium and protein and also contains vitamin B12 which is essential to support the nervous system and to help produce red blood cells. I am thrilled to report we have found another ‘healthy alternative’ treat to add to our weekly shop, it went down a storm with Rubes – to be honest I wasn’t entirely convinced she was going to go for it as we are going through the fussiest of fussy toddler stage right now. Next week I plan on buying the strawberry flavour which will be blitzed with fresh strawberries to make a tasty milkshake. If you would like to purchase Yazoo No Added Sugar for your little (or large) person, it is available at Tesco and is currently priced at £2.00 for six bottles.

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