Healthy toddler meals on a budget

Following a phenomenal response to my latest ‘insta story’ I have decided to do a blog series on toddler meals.

We all like to know our little humans are eating a healthy, balanced diet – but let’s be honest, sometimes life is hectic (especially with said little humans) we don’t always have time to make a meal from scratch. Batch cooking is something I have relied on since having Ruby, even in the early days when I was up all night every night cluster feeding, it took the pressure off knowing Neill and I had a freezer full of prepared meals.

Most of my dishes will be made in my slow cooker, if you don’t own one you MUST invest! I am a massive kitchen gadget nerd, I hate to admit it but 99% of the gadgets I buy are very rarely used with the exception of my crock-pot slow cooker. I bought my crock-pot four years ago, on average it is used three times a week. Mine is a basic model, it cost £25 from Tesco and was worth every single penny (and more).

You can purchase the crock-pot I use here:

I’ll be kicking off my series this evening with ‘pulled chicken’.

Thanks for all of your continued support mammas!

Lucy xx

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